Establishment and membership of Turkish Cypriot Education Board

4.-(1) There is hereby established a Board of Education for the Turkish Cypriot community of Cyprus, to be known as the Turkish Cypriot Education Board, which shall consist of the following members:- Dr. Husnu Feridum, who shall be Chairman;

Dr. Ali Niyazi Fikret;

Mr. Ramadan Jemil;

Mr. Nebil Nabi;

Mrs. Munife Yusuf;

Mr. Aziz Altay;

Dr. Selchuk Somek.

(2) The Governor may, after considering the recommendations of the Chairman, appoint additional members of the Board, and every such appointment shall be notified in the Gazette.

(3) The Governor may, after receiving the advice of the Chairman, at any time terminate the appointment of any member of the Board, and every such termination shall be notified in the Gazette. Any member of the Board may at any time by notice in writing to the Chairman resign from the Board. In case the number of the Board shall fall below seven, owing to the death, resignation, permanent absence or incapacity, or termination of appointment of any member, the Governor may, in the manner provided for in the preceding sub-section, appoint another member to fill the vacancy.

(4) Any person who for any cause has ceased to be a member of the Board shall be eligible for re-appointment.