Breaking up highways

25. The Water Commission may for the purposes of the waterworks open and break up the soil and pavement of the roads and streets and may open and break up any sewers, drains, or tunnels, within or under any roads and streets and lay down and place pipes, conduits, service pipes, and other works and engines, and from time to time repair, alter, or remove the same; and for the purpose aforesaid remove and use all material in and under such roads and streets and do all other acts which they shall from time to time deem necessary, doing as little damage as can be in the execution of the powers hereby granted, and making compensation for any damage which may be done in the execution of such powers. The Water Commission shall also have power to cross private lands and lay down and place their pipes therein, and from time to time repair, alter, or remove the same, paying only surface or tenants' damages to the persons to whom such lands may belong unless any special damage shall be committed on such lands requiring a higher compensation.