Power to compel attendance of witnesses

14. The Water Commission shall, before the holding of an inquiry for the purpose of making the register, cause a notice to be published at such time, or times as may be appointed by the Water Commission calling upon all interested persons to appear before the Water Commission with the evidence upon which they rely to support their claims; and, for the purposes of the above inquiry, the Water Commission may require by summons the attendance of any person whose presence or evidence they may consider necessary for the investigation or settlement of any question arising during the inquiry, and any person refusing to attend on such summons or to answer any questions material for the purpose of the inquiry, or to produce any document he may be required to produce, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding ,25.

The Water Commission may, for the purposes of the inquiry, take evidence on oath or affirmation; and any person wilfully giving false evidence upon such oath or affirmation shall be liable to the same penalties as if he had given false evidence in a judicial proceeding.