Streets, etc., to be reinstated without delay

28. When the Water Commission open or break up the road or pavement or any road, or street or any sewer, drain, or tunnel, they shall with all convenient speed complete the work for which the same shall be broken up and fill in the ground and reinstate and make good the road or pavement, or the sewer, drain, or tunnel so open or broken up, and carry away the rubbish occasioned thereby; and shall at all times whilst any such road or pavement shall be open or broken up cause the same to be fenced or guarded, and shall cause a light sufficient for the warning of passengers to be set up and kept there every night during which such road or pavement shall be continued open or broken up, and shall, after replacing and making good the road or pavement which shall have been so broken up, keep the same in good repair for three months thereafter and such further time, if any, not being more than twelve months in the whole, as the soil so broken up shall continue to subside.