Power of Water Commission to make bye-laws

7.-(1) The Water Commission may make bye-laws for the following matters-

(a) regulating the supply of water for sanitary and domestic purposes and fixing and levying the rates or rents for the same;

(b) regulating the supply of water by meter and fixing the price to be paid for the same;

(c) with respect to the time and mode of making application for any supply of water;

(d) with respect to the manner of laying house services, the quantity of water to be

be supplied and the nature and quality of the meters and other appliances and apparatus to be used;

(e) with respect to the circumstances in which a water supply shall be stopped;

(f) with respect to the management and control of the waterworks and for the prevention of waste or misuse of water.

(2) any person who-

(a) violates the provisions of any such bye-laws; or

(b) refuses or neglects to act in obedience thereto; or

(c) resists, opposes, or obstructs the lawful execution thereof, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding ,50:

Provided that until new rules and bye-laws, to relate to any of the above-mentioned matters, are brought into operation under this Law, the existing Law shall, so far as it is consistent with the provisions of this Law, remain in full force and effect.